Medicis Honolulu Music Jazz


Your precious event! Whether it's a wedding, birthday, graduation, CD or Video release party, or any other of life's special affairs, we at Medici's are here to provide whatever you need to make it a truly precious moment. We are intimately connected to the Manoa School of Art and Music, and provide weekly special events regularly, so we are all about the celebration of life and its many treasured occasions..


If you have some event that needs a beautiful venue, easy access and parking, and whatever special services you would like provided, we are here to fulfill your needs

And if you're looking for a regular performance venue - for music, dancing, club events, or teaching classes (origami, hula lessons, cooking, dance ... ), that's exactly what we're here for.

The ground floor concert hall features a 90 seat conservatory room that can be used for ceremonies, as well as recital and classical performance events. The upstairs club (Medici's) has a lower stage venue that can seat 85, as well as an upper lounge area that can seat 30 in a comfortable club like setting. We have a bar area where you can provide food and drinks, and a large backroom for storage.


Our rates are about 1/2 what Waikiki venues will charge you, and having ample and free parking is just so much easier than trying to host your event somewhere else. Being in the center of the historic Manoa valley, we provide a beautiful cultural setting free from the clutter of Downtown Honolulu and Waikiki. Please check in with us for pricing, availability, and our thoughts on what can make your precious event truly special.


The upstairs stage area seats up to 90 people and can be cleared out for dancing.

The upper lounge area that has seating that overlooks the stage area. This presents a nice quiet place to eat and socialize.

The downstairs concert hall. This is used for recitals, chamber music, and other more formal events.

A nice bar area where you can provide your guests beverages of your choice.