Medicis Honolulu Music Jazz


The Medici's Supper Club is built on top of the Manoa School Of Art And Music. It was created to provide a comfortable and convenient performance venue for Honolulu's local talent. The club was finished in April of 2014, and by the end of the year presented 45 concerts, featuring the best Jazz, Classical, and Pop talent in Hawaii. The likes of Tommy James performs here regularly (director for the Duke Ellington Orchestra), as well as pop ins like David Garfield (what hasn't he done), and local favorites Shari Lynn, Dana Land, Pierre Grill, Ginai, Duane Padilla, John Kolivas, and many well known and up and coming local artists.


Medici's features a comfortable and acoustically superior environment, easy and free parking, and less clutter than the likes of Waikiki and Downtown Honolulu. For a cozy night of entertainment, excellent cuisine (by chef Tim) and a local and familiar atmosphere, don't miss out on Medici's!

Also, if you have a big event coming up (wedding, reception, recital, performance, ...) we offer highly competitive hall rates, and once again ample free parking and a great local feel for your important occasion.


As well as excellent music, Medici's provides full dining for your complete evening experience. Chef Tim is the cook and has created a special entree for big events including Shepherd's pie, Indian Curries, Bouillabaisse, and Mandarin Chicken Wings.

We always provide a full salad bar as fully stocked as you'll find anywhere on the island, and pizza by the slice.

For our normal events, salad, pizza, and an entree are usually provided.


Tim Stanton Owner
Tim Stanton

Tim conceived of, designed, constructed, did most of the art, and does the primary food preparation for the Medici's supper club.

He manages most of the events, so come and have a chat with him about Music, Art, old Rock & Roll, and anything English, while you're at the club.

Carolyn Stanton Owner
Carolyn Stanton

Carolyn is the musical director of the Manoa School of Art and Music.

She also provides music direction and coordination of the various acts that perform at Medici's